Sigma Magic is a global software. It is downloaded & used by 100's of users across the world every year. Here is a sample list of countries with the most downloads this year.


Sigma Magic software is being used by employees of leading companies to make business process improvements. Here is a sample list of companies shown in alphabetical order.


Here are some verbatim comments from the users of our software.

  • I primarily use the software in conjunction with other tools in Lean analysis. I find the software easy to use and the menu layout is quite practical. I have used the software to assist with the creation of project charters, financial analysis, stakeholder analysis among other functions. One of my favourite templates to use is the C&E Matrix. I like the charting functionality and the quality of the results. I would gladly recommend this software.

    Sylvanus McLeod Ontario, Canada
  • The improvements in Version 7 are excellent. As usual, Sigma Magic remains our organization's number cruncher of choice. It is easy to use, very intuitive, and accurate. The low cost makes it a program that can be used throughout the organization without breaking the bank! It is a very "Lean" program in the best sense.

    Brian Weisel SRHC, USA
  • Excellent software, does everything I need!

    Collin CPC, UK
  • Simple interface with great reports.

    TBD Wastequip, USA
  • Excellent

    Daja Ontario, Canada
  • Excellent

    K. Warrington BC Associates, USA
  • Excellent

    Elena Vasiljevik, Macedonia

Note: If you are a customer of ours, we would love to hear from you. Please use the Feedback button within the Sigma Magic software to provide us your feedback and you will find your name & feedback on this page.

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