Sigma Magic

Comprehensive set of analysis tools as simple as it gets

Software Templates

Hypothesis Tests
  • 1-Sample t Test
  • 2-Sample t Test
  • Paired t Test
  • Analysis of Variance
  • 1-Variance Test
  • 2-Variance Test
  • Test for Equal Variances
  • 1-Proportion Test
  • 2-Proportion Test
  • 1-Sample Poisson Rate
  • 2-Sample Poisson Rate
  • Chi-Square Test
Non-Parametric Tests
  • 1-Sample Sign
  • 1-Sample Wilcoxon
  • Mann-Whitney Test
  • Kruskal-Wallis Test
  • Mood's Median Test
  • Beta, Cauchy
  • Erlang, Extreme Value
  • Exponential, Gamma
  • Laplace, Log Normal
  • Logistic, Log Logistic
  • Normal, Pareto
  • Power, Rayleigh
  • Triangular, Uniform
  • Weibull, Bernoulli
  • Binomial, Negative Binomial
  • Geometric, Hypergeometric
Control Charts
  • I-MR Chart
  • Xbar-R Chart
  • Xbar-S Chart
  • P Chart
  • NP Chart
  • C Chart
  • U Chart
  • Laney P' Chart
  • Laney U' Chart
  • MA Chart
  • EWMA Chart
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Quadratic Regression
  • Cubic Regression
  • Binary Logistic Regression
Capability Analysis
  • Normal Capability
  • Binomial Capability
  • Poisson Capability
  • Box-Cox Capability
  • Distribution Capability
Sample Size
  • 1-Sample Z
  • 1-Sample t
  • 2-Sample t
  • Paired t
  • 1-Proportion
  • 2-Proportion
  • One-Way ANOVA
Time Series
  • Time Series Plot
  • Trend Analysis
  • Seasonal Analysis
  • Moving Average
  • Exponential Smoothing
  • Holt-Winters Method
  • Auto & Partial Correlation

Simplicity Demo

Check out the following demonstration on how to create Pareto charts with Sigma Magic software. You will see that the analysis can be completed in just 3 steps. In fact, once you understand how to do one analysis, you will find that all the analysis templates within Sigma Magic work the same way. Sigma Magic software is analysis as simple as it gets..

Gallery Samples

Here are a few sample outputs obtained from the Sigma Magic software. Drag the images using your mouse to scroll left or right.