There are over 75 templates available within Sigma Magic software which can be used for a diverse range of analysis projects you work on. Sigma Magic software is your one-stop shop for all your analysis needs.

Benchmark Comparison

Here is a comparison of the features within Sigma Magic software with other commercial packages such as Minitab and SPSS. You will find that Sigma Magic software has most of the features that you will ever need on your project at a fraction of the price of leading packages.

Category Element Sigma Magic Minitab SPSS
AnalyticsCluster Analysis - Hierarchical✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsCluster Analysis - K-Means✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsPrincipal Components✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsFactor Analysis✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsDecision Tree - Conditional✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsDecision Tree - Recursive✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsDiscriminant Analysis✔ (Uses R)
AnalyticsCorrespondence Analysis✔ (Uses R)
ChangeChange Audit
ChangeChange Impact Assessment
ChangeForce Field Analysis
ChangeStakeholder Analysis
ChangeCommunication Plan
GraphsBar Chart
GraphsBox Plot
GraphsContour Plot
GraphsDot Plot
GraphsIndividual Value Plot
GraphsInterval Plot
GraphsMatrix Plot
GraphsMulti Vari Chart
GraphsPareto Plot
GraphsPie Chart
GraphsProbability Plot
GraphsProcess Map
GraphsRelationship Diagram
GraphsRun Chart
GraphsScatter Plot
GraphsStem & Leaf Plot
GraphsSurface Plot
GraphsSymmetry Plot
GraphsTime Series Plot
GraphsWaterfall Plot
Lean5 Why Analysis
Lean5S+1 Audit
LeanA3 Report
LeanKaizen Report
LeanLean Maturity Audit
LeanOEE Metric
LeanSMED Analysis
LeanSpaghetti Diagram
LeanTAKT Time
LeanTime Study
LeanValue Stream Map
LeanWork Combination
LeanWorkload Balance
ProjectBalanced Scorecard
ProjectBenefit Effort Plot
ProjectC&E Diagram
ProjectC&E Matrix
ProjectClosure Form
ProjectDesign Scorecard
ProjectFinancial Benefits
ProjectFailure Modes & Effects Analysis
ProjectImplementation Plan
ProjectKano Analysis
ProjectProject Charter
ProjectProject Filter
ProjectPugh Analysis
ProjectQuality Function Deployment
ProjectRACI Analysis
ProjectSIPOC Analysis
ProjectSolution Selection
ProjectTree Diagram
StatsANOVA - One-Way
StatsANOVA - Analysis of Means
StatsANOVA - Balanced
StatsANOVA - General Linear Model
StatsANOVA - Nested
StatsANOVA - General MANOVA
StatsANOVA - Test for Equal Variances
StatsANOVA - Main Effects Plot
StatsANOVA - Interaction Plot
StatsBasic Stats - Descriptive Statistics
StatsBasic Stats - 1-Sample Z
StatsBasic Stats - 1-Sample t
StatsBasic Stats - Paired t
StatsBasic Stats - 1-Proportion Test
StatsBasic Stats - 2-Proportion Test
StatsBasic Stats - 1-Sample Poisson Rate
StatsBasic Stats - 2-Sample Poisson Rate
StatsBasic Stats - 1-Variance Test
StatsBasic Stats - 2-Variance Test
StatsBasic Stats - Correlation Test
StatsBasic Stats - Covariance Test
StatsBasic Stats - Normality Test
StatsBasic Stats - Outlier Test
StatsBasic Stats - Goodness of Fit
StatsControl Charts - Box-Cox Transformation
StatsControl Charts - Variable Subgroups
StatsControl Charts - Variable Individual
StatsControl Charts - Attribute
StatsControl Charts - Time-Weighted
StatsControl Charts - Multivariate
StatsControl Charts - Rare Events
StatsDOE - Factorial
StatsDOE - Response Surface
StatsDOE - Mixture
StatsDOE - Taguchi
StatsMarketing - RFM Analysis
StatsMarketing - Segmentation Analysis
StatsMarketing - Customer Profiling
StatsMarketing - Campaign Analysis
StatsMarketing - Likely to Purchase
StatsMarketing - Effectiveness Analysis
StatsNonparametrics - 1-Sample Sign
StatsNonparametrics - 1-Sample Wilcoxon
StatsNonparametrics - Mann-Whitney
StatsNonparametrics - Kruskal-Wallis
StatsNonparametrics - Mood's Median Test
StatsNonparametrics - Friedman
StatsNonparametrics - Runs Test
StatsNonparametrics - Pairwise Test
StatsPower and Sample Size - Estimation
StatsPower and Sample Size - Tolerance Levels
StatsPower and Sample Size - 1-Sample Z
StatsPower and Sample Size - 1-Sample t
StatsPower and Sample Size - 2-Sample t
StatsPower and Sample Size - Paired t
StatsPower and Sample Size - 1-Proportion
StatsPower and Sample Size - 2-Proportion
StatsPower and Sample Size - 1-Sample Poisson Rate
StatsPower and Sample Size - 2-Sample Poisson Rate
StatsPower and Sample Size - 1-Variance
StatsPower and Sample Size - 2-Variances
StatsPower and Sample Size - Equivalence Tests
StatsPower and Sample Size - One-Way ANOVA
StatsPower and Sample Size - 2-Level Factorial DOE
StatsPower and Sample Size - Plackett-Burman DOE
StatsPower and Sample Size - General Full Factorial DOE
StatsQuality Tools - Distribution Identification
StatsQuality Tools - Johnson Transformation
StatsQuality Tools - Capability Analysis
StatsQuality Tools - Tolerance Analysis
StatsQuality Tools - Gage Study
StatsQuality Tools - Attribute Agreement Analysis
StatsQuality Tools - Acceptance Sampling
StatsRegression - Fitted Line Plot
StatsRegression - Multiple
StatsRegression - Nonlinear
StatsRegression - Stability Study
StatsRegression - Orthogonal
StatsRegression - Partial Least Squares
StatsRegression - Binary Logistic
StatsRegression - Ordinal Logistic
StatsRegression - Nominal Logistic
StatsRegression - Poisson
StatsReliability - Distribution Analysis
StatsReliability - Warranty Analysis
StatsReliability - Repairable Systems
StatsReliability - Accelerated Life Testing
StatsSpatial Modeling
StatsSpectral Analysis
StatsTime Series - Trend Analysis
StatsTime Series - Decomposition
StatsTime Series - Moving Average
StatsTime Series - Exponential Smoothing
StatsTime Series - Winter's Method
StatsTime Series - Differences/Lag
StatsTime Series - Autocorrelation
StatsTime Series - Partial Autocorrelation
StatsTime Series - Cross Correlation
StatsTime Series - ARIMA
StatsTables - Chi-Square for Association
StatsTables - Cross Tabulation & Chi-Square
StatsTables - Goodness of Fit (one variable)

1) Minitab is the registered trademark of Minitab Inc. and SPSS is the registered trademark of IBM Inc.
2) The above comparison is not comprehensive - only the important elements are compared.
3) Items listed above may change over time, user discretion is advised in this comparison.

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