General Questions

Why do I need to purchase the license key?

The trial version of the software has been provided for you to experience the full functionality of the software for testing purposes only and for a limited period of time. In addition, per the terms of the license agreement, you can use the trial version for non-commercial evaluation use only.

Will Sigma Magic work on a Macintosh computer?

The current version of Sigma Magic software is programmed for Windows operating system only and hence will not work on a Macintosh computer.

Will Sigma Magic work on a Microsoft Office 365?

The current version of Sigma Magic software will not work on Microsoft Office 365. You will need to have the full version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.

Will Sigma Magic work with Excel 2003 or earlier?

Sigma Magic has been programmed to work with the features provided in Excel 2007 and later. It will not work for versions of Excel earlier than 2007.

Do I have to pay annual maintenance fees to use this package?

No, the license key that you get initially does NOT expire. You do not have to pay any annual maintenance fees. However, if you pay annual maintenance fees then you get free software upgrades as they become available and free technical support.

Can I use this software on multiple computers - At home and work?

No, the software is locked to one computer. Hence, you will only be able to use this licensed version on one computer. There is no way for us to transfer the license key from one computer to another. If you need to use the software on another computer, then you will have to purchase an additional license.

What happens to my license if my hard disk fails or I have computer issues?

In most cases, the full version of the software will continue to work. You may just need to re-install the software on the computer (and possibly enter the license key again). If this does not work, then please contact the technical support line and they will issue you another license key for the changed system.

What external software does Sigma Magic depend on?

Sigma Magic will try to launch the following external applications depending on what button you click in Sigma Magic software:

  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • R Software

What external libraries does Sigma Magic depend on?

Sigma Magic uses the following standard libraries to function properly. In most computers these libraries should already be installed on your computer, if not please contact the help desk for more details.

  • C:\windows\system32\stdole2.tlb (OLE Automation)
  • C:\windows\system32\fm20.dll (Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library)
  • HHCTRL.OCX (Microsoft Object for viewing Help Files)
  • WININET (Microsoft Library for Internet Connection)
  • MSXML (Microsoft XML Parser)
  • WSH (Microsoft Script Host)

What software packages within R are required for Analytics templates?

Sigma Magic automatically downloads any required R packages prior to analysis. However, if you would like to pre-install these packages to speed up your analysis, then the following packages are being used. Note that when you install these packages using packages.install(), they may in-turn install other required packages that they depend on.

  • party package for Conditional decision trees
  • rpart package for Recursive decision trees
  • fa package for Factor analysis
  • ca package for Correspondence analysis
  • MASS package for Discriminant analysis
I get an error in the analytics templates that uses the R software. How to resolve this?

R Software is a free software which is developed by 100's of developers across the world and Sigma Magic does not have any control on the software stability or accuracy of the results. If you are facing problems with the R software, you may want to check their main website if there are any patches released for your version of the software of if you have the latest version of the software installed on your computer.If you are still unable to resolve this issue, please contact Sigma Magic technical support.

I get an error message saying that R software library is not writable?

Some of the Sigma Magic analytics templates will download other R software packages based on the required functionality if these packages are not already installed on your computer. These packages require to be installed in the library directory which may be write-protected. You may need administrator privileges to install the packages into this library. You have two options: a) You can make the R\library folder writable for the current user by clicking on file properties and allowing Full Control for all users under Security tab. b) You can pre-download and install the requisite packages using administrator privileges. The name of the package required for each analysis is listed in the help files.

Manage Files

Can I create a new workbook using the Excel functionality to create new files?

You can also create a new workbook by using the Excel menu to create a workbook. However, note that this may add a 2007 or later Excel workbook (*.xlsx) to the workspace which you may not be able to share with other users who do not have this version of software.

Should I create a new workbook for each new analysis I want to perform?

You can use a single workbook for all your analysis. It is better to store all the analysis you perform in a single workbook. Each analysis could be stored on a different worksheet on this workbook.

Do I have to use "New" to create a workbook if I have data in an existing workbook?

You can use a single workbook for all your analysis. It is better to store all the analysis you perform in a single workbook. Each analysis could be stored on a different worksheet on this workbook.

Do I have to use "New" to create a workbook if I have data in an existing workbook?

You could choose to open that workbook and save results in that workbook. However, if you want to save just the data and analysis for your project, you may want to create a new workbook and then copy and paste data into this workbook so you are not carrying any extra data in your workbook.

What happens to any macros I have in the workbook?

If you need the macro functionality, you can enable the macros in the other book. However, it is recommended that you use a new workbook if you have macros just to ensure that there are no issues with function naming conventions.

Do I need to enable macros in the workbook I am working with?

You would need to enable macros in the new workbook because some functionality such as checking if the inputs have changed will be programmed into the new workbook and need macros to be turned-on.

If I pass this template to others will they be able to re-compute the outputs?

No, unless they have Sigma Magic software installed on their computer, they will not be able to re-compute the outputs. They can manually edit this sheet as it is any ordinary Excel spreadsheet.

Is there a linkage between Excel and PPT? If Excel changes will PPT also change?

No, the export from Excel into PPT is based on images. An image is created and exported into the PPT. So, unless the file is re-created, the PPT file will not change. If you make any changes to the Excel file, delete any previously exported files and re-export the files once again.

How is the order of the pages decided for the Power Point file?

The order of the pages in the Power Point file follows the same order in which you created the templates. So, the first template you used will be slide 1, the second template you used would be slide 2 and so on.

How do I control the fonts & colors in the Power Point file?

Sigma Magic does not set these variables - it uses the default settings for your Power Point application or as defined within the template. You can change the default settings within Power Point, apply a template or modify the slide Master within the Power Point file.

I get an error message when I try to print?

The Print functionality requires that there is at least one printer specified in your computer. If you computer has no printers defined, you will get an error message when you try to print. First install a printer and then try to use this functionality. Refer to your computers documentation on how to add printers.

Where can I find the description of the problems used in the Examples?

In most cases, the Excel files in the Examples directory also contains a worksheet that describes the problem being analyzed.


Will these templates work outside of Sigma Magic?

The templates are standard Excel worksheets that can be e-mailed to others. If the other user has Sigma Magic software installed, they will be able to edit the data and also perform the analysis. However, if the user does not have Sigma Magic software they will not be able to recompute the results in case they make any changes to the inputs.

Is there any limit to the number of templates that can be added?

No, there are no limits to the number of templates that can be added. Note that each of these templates contains data and graphs and the size of the file can increase dramatically if you keep adding templates to the same workbook. Try to create a different workbook for each project.

Can I make changes to the templates?

It is recommended that you DO NOT make any changes to the template. The Sigma Magic software expects to find data at specific locations and if you make changes to the template, then Sigma Magic is not guaranteed to work properly. There are specific ways in which you can add rows, columns, make changes etc. please refer to the Worksheet Format in the help file for more details.

Update Worksheet

I do not see any changes when I click on the Compute Outputs button.

Check the data/time field to see if the date has been updated. If the date has been updated, then the calculations have been completed. The Excel worksheet update has been turned off, so you may not notice changes to the worksheet unless all the calculations are completed. If the text output is the same and the figures are the same, you will not notice any change in the output area. The software does not append the calculations below the old calculations, but replaces any calculations that were already made earlier with new values if any.

Why can't Sigma Magic automatically click the Compute Output button?

If no worksheet input data is required, then the computations are done automatically for you. However, if any worksheet data is required, Sigma Magic does not know if you have completed entering / changing the input data cells. Hence, you have to manually click on the Compute Outputs button after you have entered all the required data.

Do I have to click on Compute Output for all templates?

If no calculations are required, then you do not need to click on Compute Outputs. However, there is no harm if you click on Compute Outputs. You may also want to look at the Conclusion box - sometimes it indicates that it expects you to click on Compute Output after entering the data.

After I have clicked on Compute Outputs, how do I get my old analysis results back?

Once Compute Outputs is clicked, the text output and graph is updated based on changes you have made to the input data. There is NO way to get the old graph back. The back button does not work here! One option is to replace the data you have changed to the old data set and the graph will probably change back to the one you had earlier. Another option is to always create a new worksheet template for different data sets so you can retain the old worksheet graphs (if required).

After I clear the data on the worksheet can I get the data back?

Unfortunately, once you clear the data on the worksheet, the data cannot be retrieved back. There is no back button for the clear operation at this point.

What happens if I copy the column but the user changes the data in the column?

Copy will only retain the column name and not the data in that column. If the data in the column is changed, then all paste operations that were done in the past use the old data set and future paste operations will use the new data set.

Will Copy retain formatting of the column?

Copy will only copy the data values and not formula, formatting etc. So, you will lose all formatting of the column when you use the Copy button.


How do I check to see if I have the latest version of the software?

You can either click the About button or look at the information in the License Manager by clicking on the License button.

What do I do if I do not have the latest version?

You can download and install any new version of the software that has a different minor revision number or bug-fix release number. However, if you do not have a maintenance contract, you cannot download and install a upgraded version (greater major revision number). Contact the help desk to determine if a new major release will work for you.

No dialog box opens when I click on the About button.

If no dialog box opens then the software was probably not installed correctly on your computer, please contact the help desk for assistance.

I don't see any web page when I click on the Website button?

You need internet access to view this page. If you have do have internet access, ensure that you have properly setup the Proxy server information within Internet Explorer.

Do I need to turn on JavaScript or CSS to view this file?

If you have JavaScript or CSS turned off, you may not be able to view the web page properly or some features/functions on the website such as ordering software, feedback links etc may not work. It is recommended that you turn them on in order to view the website. Most computers should already have these features enabled on your web browser. If you can see the date on the right hand top corner of the website, then you have these features turned on for your browser.

Will the options values persist for different users?

Option values will be stored centrally for a given user. So, if two people are using the same computer (same login account), they will be using the same set of Options. If one user changes the values in the Options, it will also affect the other user. Of course, if they have different accounts, then the Options values are preserved.

Will the options values override the values within the dialog box?

No, the option value is the default value used in the dialog box. If you specify a different value in the specific dialog box on a worksheet that value will be used for the analysis. The dialog box value will not overwrite the option value that is applicable for all worksheets.

How can I do update from temporary to permanent license?

If you do not have a permanent license key, as displayed in your license manager you can click on the Buy Now button to place an order for the license. Once you enter the requested details and make the payment, your license key will be emailed to you and/or uploaded to the online server. Once you enter a valid license key, the full functionality of the software will be enabled.

I entered a license key but it is still not showing full functionality?

Make sure that you have correctly specified the Machine Key when you place a request for the License. If you place a request from within Sigma Magic by clicking on Get License, it will copy the correct Machine Key. When you enter the license for the first time, the license key details are not updated immediately. You will need to exit this dialog box and re-open it to see the updates.

How do I update the Sigma Magic software version?

If you click on Check Updates and you find that a later version of the software is available, you can download that version and run the Setup file. It will replace your existing version of the software. You will have to close and re-open Excel and the new version of the software will be now available.

Can I download software updates directly from website without using Check Updates?

If you download the software yourself, you need to make sure that your license key is still valid for the new major version of the software. When you click on Check Updates, it will indicate to you if your license key will still work with the newer version.