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Release History

Release Date Notes (*Enhanced)
9.4.50 29 Sep 2017
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Cluster analysis both Hierarchical and K-Means
  • Factor Analysis
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Decision Trees both Recursive and Conditional
  • Generalized Linear Models
  • Cp/Cpk algorithm for Non-normal Process Capability*
  • Distribution Identification algorithms*
  • Graphs with improved annotation / subtitles*
  • Tabular format for notes output*
  • Copy and Paste functionality updated*
  • Updated several templates*
  • Option to hide input area on worksheet*
  • Data size for some of the modules was originally 65,000 rows and now is unlimited*
8.4.140 6 Jun 2017
  • Matrix Plot
  • Relationship Diagram
  • Waterfall Chart
  • Spaghetti Diagram
  • Lean Maturity Matrix
  • Change Audit
  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Benefit Effort Plot
  • RACI Chart
  • Binary Logistic Regression capability
  • Proxy functionality to Options
  • Box Cox transformation option for Process Capability
  • Histogram*
  • Improved Options for Graph sizing*
  • Automated standard one-month trial license*
  • Layout of logo on the template files*
  • Algorithm for individual distribution identification*
  • Graph axis are adjusted to rounded values*
  • Algorithms for distribution identification (Weibull, Triangular)*
  • 5 Why analysis template*
7.1.0 9 Aug 2015
  • Laney U' and P' control charts
  • Taguchi design of experiments
  • Renamed headers in the templates to match menus*
  • Fixed a bug in the help files (was not displaying correctly for some templates)*
  • Updated dialog box for each analysis*
  • Updated Wizard functionality*
  • Updated Options dialog box*
  • Fishbone analysis*
  • Process map template*
  • Value stream map template*
  • DoE charts to use un-coded variables*
  • Ability to highlight key rows on worksheet*
  • Code clarity improved with smart variables*
6.2.1 3 Nov 2014
  • Software Wizard introduced
  • Contour and Surface plot functionality
  • Multi-Vari Chart functionality
  • Gage Linearity and Bias functionality
  • Trend/Seasonality Analysis, and Holt-Winter model
  • 1-Sample Defects and 2-Sample Defects functionality
  • Moving Average/Exponential Moving Average functionality
  • Weibull Reliability analysis functionality
  • Updated array size for chi-squared tests*
  • Missing data check for regression analysis*
  • Working with both .xls and .xlsm files with Auto option*
  • Updated status messages*
  • Use of icons to highlight correct or incorrect analysis*
  • Option to hide columns not being used
  • Unit and Integration testing integrated in the package
  • Speed up analysis results*
  • Added conclusions for graphs*
5.0.54 14 Oct 2013
  • Multiple project selection for Project Filter
  • Control charts with multiple stages
  • Options to change colors on screen
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Individual Value Plot and Interval Plot
  • Clear temp working area for graph data*
  • Brand logo clearly placed (now houses menu options using JSON format)*
  • Unlimited rows & groups*
  • Table format for output*
  • Changed page titles for some analysis*
  • Potential fix for Excel 2007 that were not updated to latest build*
4.2.1 1 Jan 2013
  • Johnson Transformation
  • Bar Chart & Pie Chart
  • 1-Sample Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis tests
  • Icon picking for VSM, Process Map, C&E Diagram
  • Project Filter weights
  • Feedback functionality added
  • Identification of required data columns*
  • Consistent positioning of group & data columns*
  • Updated bar chart with mean value*
  • Updated register functionality*
  • Fixed some errors reported due to lack of data*
  • Fixed the smoothness of the Sample Size curves*
  • Fixed algorithm for Project filter*
  • Feature to skip updates & registration*
  • Simplify FMEA input dialog box*
  • DOE graphs (all significant Interaction effect plots)*
  • Updated random number generation for Triangular distribution*
  • Integer overflow for Monte-Carlo simulation*
  • Histogram not showing Triangular fit*
  • Error message reporting help file*
  • Random number generation for Triangular distribution*
  • License Manager showing okay for Expired licenses*
  • DOE: Retain main effects if interaction terms present (auto fit)*
  • Sometimes Examples folder was not being opened*
  • Minor bug fixes*
3.2.1 26 Jul 2012
  • Added Log Logistic distribution
  • Report out mean for control charts
  • Added Probability Calculations template
  • Added Random Number Generator template
  • Added Clear-Copy-Paste functionality in Update Worksheets
  • Added Run Chart template
  • Fixed split before/after feature for control charts*
  • Normal data transform had "kink" in the graph*
  • Changed parameters in the Monte-Carlo simulation (3 to 4)*
  • Warning from Monte-Carlo with a single input fixed*
  • Ensure creation of a free trial license key for new users*
  • Monitor application usage for trial users*
  • Fixed problem with upgrade module - Excel had to be closed manually during upgrade process*
  • Fixed box plot colors*
  • Copying of temporary license keys over permanent license key*
  • Clear worksheet was deleting wrong cells in Fishbone and Financial template*
  • Minor updates to on-screen help*
  • Program compiled on 2010 platform was not running on 2007 platform*
  • Problem with opening software on 64-bit Microsoft office fixed*
  • Now handles 23 different distributions*
  • Summary of inputs for Monte-Carlo simulations*
  • Enhanced Distribution Identification functionality*
  • Analyze unlimited number of data points for all stats templates*
  • Text output window to a box rather than print out in Excel*
  • Standard template for exporting from Excel to Power Point*
  • Updated all the help files*
  • Added version control of the worksheets*
  • Simplified menu layout to standard layout*
2.2.3 6 Dec 2011
  • Added register functionality
  • Automated software updates
  • Feature to report status of license key
  • Hash codes to check integrity of the downloaded software
  • Added DFSS, Lean, and All templates
  • Added Pay-per-use license model
  • Added F1 help key
  • Added templates for graphs
  • Added Monte Carlo simulation
  • Added A3 report creation
  • Added OEE template
  • Added SMED template
  • Added Design scorecard template
  • Changed location of cancel & help buttons*
  • Updated license keys (both offline & online)*
  • Modified save feature for any Excel file type*
  • Updated the help file layout for generic templates*
  • Fixed issue with missing Excel library. This was causing the error "Error in hidden module: Login Message" on some computers*
  • Eliminated Microsoft .NET Framework as some users were facing problems with Microsoft .NET Framework*
1.2.1 1 Jul 2011 First release of software