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Company Logo Sigma Magic is owned and marketed by Rapid Sigma Solutions LLP. Rapid Sigma Solutions LLP is a private limited liability company held by individuals with strong expertise in Six Sigma, Lean, Change Management and Project Management. The company was originally incorporated in the US and later in India in 2011. The software development center is located in Bangalore, India with sales and marketing offices in USA and Australia.

The project got started due to unmet needs of customers with existing statistical software packages. The packages available at that time were very difficult to use and required extensive training for the individuals to understand and use the packages. Even after the user spent significant cost and effort to learn the software they had a tough time remembering how to perform the analysis with the passage of time. In addition, the cost of the packages were prohibitively expensive making the tools out of reach for small and medium businesses. In the current economic scenario, it is really not lean for large companies to spend large amounts of money on their IT costs as well. Even though there were a few free software packages available in the market they had a high learning curve as well and required "expertise" to use them.

Note from CEO

Our vision of this software package is to enable the "non-expert" user to utilize advanced statistical tools. We have designed the package such the majority of our templates can be used within 3 steps. We hope you find the software useful and easy to use for all your analysis needs. Feel free to download and try the software for free to experience the power and ease of use.

Feel free to write to me about your feedback on this software and let me know if there is anything we could do to improve your user experience. I would love to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Designated Partner & CEO


Following are some of the services provided by our company. Contact us with your specific needs and we will be glad to work with you to meet and/or exceed your expectations. We provide the following services:
We work with leading providers of Lean Six Sigma training and help direct you to the right resources for training. In addition, we can develop customized training material to better suit your needs. If you decide to use Sigma Magic software, you will find that the training time is significantly shorter and your employees can retain a lot more and be more productive in a short period of time.
We provide software customization services to better suit the Sigma Magic software to meet your specific business needs. We can customize specific changes to the software to meet individual needs of your company. In addition, we can also help you develop and deploy other analytical or statistical software applications in Excel.

We provide consulting services to help you realize the benefits of Lean and Six Sigma in your organization. Our deployment of Lean Six Sigma consists of following pillars:
  • Lean foundation
  • Six Sigma DMAIC
  • Six Sigma DFSS
  • Change Management
  • Project Management

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