Getting Started

Setting up a project

This software works on templates. There is a template for every tool. The advantage of this approach is that both the data and the analysis are stored in one place - similar to the software concept of object oriented programming. If the data is changed, it is easy to keep track of it and update the outputs and charts accordingly. Since, both of them are in one place, you won't misplace one or the other.

The disadvantage of this approach is that data is not re-used. For example, if you need to create a separate histogram and a box plot of the data, you would have to store the raw data in two separate worksheets. This causes wastage of disk space to store the same information twice. However, disk-space is relatively cheap nowadays and this is not so much as a limitation anymore.

For each project you work on, you save the work in a single excel file. The advantage of this is that you don't need to look for multiple files to follow the work. We just look at the different worksheets within a workbook.

Each template has data that can usually be entered in one way columns. The reason we limited this is that we found the users were more confused with many choices. If there is only one way of doing something, granted users have to learn it, the users are less confused with it.

Data Entry

For each template, you need to understand what data is needed and then format the data accordingly. For example, if the data is available to you in rows and the template requires the data in columns, then you would have to transpose the data before you can paste it into the template.

In order for this software to work properly, it is very important that you do not add or delete any rows or columns in the worksheet. The software is expecting data in certain locations, if you add or delete rows, then the software will not be able to find the data and the software may no longer work. If you feel that you may have inadvertently corrupted the worksheet, just delete the worksheet and add a new worksheet and work with it. The places where the software expects user data entry is shown in white cells and other areas are shown in a different color (gray or blue).

When you enter data into the spreadsheet, make sure that you only copy the values and not any formatting or insert new rows or columns. It is recommended that you turn-on write protect for the worksheet so it does not let you accidentally erase any information that is not supposed to be deleted. This setting is available under options.

Setting Options

Some generic settings that are used in all worksheets are stored under options. You can change these options once so that all new worksheets you create in the future would use these as the default values.

Computing Results

Once all the data has been entered in the worksheet click on Compute Outputs to determine the outputs. The Sigma Magic software will compute the outputs and update the Outputs area. Typically, most analysis will output the text results in the Notes area and the charts in the graphs area. Any conclusions from the analysis are listed in the Conclusion box within the Notes section.